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by Boldport

A tribute to legendary analogue circuit designer Bob Pease. This soldering kit from Boldport is an LED flasher circuit built around the LM331 voltage-to-frequency converter chip.

Bob Pease was an expert analogue designer who developed seminal circuits that are still with us today. The first Boldport Club project was another tribute to Pease

This version uses a circuit built around the LM331, also designed by Pease. It is a single voltage to frequency converter where the setting of the trimmer sets the output frequency that can be observed by the flashing LED. The frequency range using the multi-turn 2MΩ trimmer is about 3Hz to 300Hz.

The circuit itself appears in Application Report SNOA735B, Figure 2. One of the primary advantages of this arrangement is that the output isn’t affected (much) by the supply voltage. The Application Report details other advantages.

Note: requires through-hole soldering!

Click here for the kit contents and assembly guide

Pease-out was Project #32 of the Boldport Club.