Particulate Matter Sensor Breakout (for PMS5003)

by Pimoroni

A handy-dandy breakout that converts between the picoblade connector cable on the PMS5003 particulate matter sensor and a standard male 2.54mm pitch header.

Use this breakout to connect a PMS5003 particulate matter sensor straight to your Raspberry Pi (or other microcontroller) with some female-to-female jumper jerky, using our PMS5003 Python library to read data from the sensor.

Connect the pins on the breakout to the following pins on your Raspberry Pi:

  • 5V to 5V
  • GND to ground
  • TX to BCM 14
  • RX to BCM 15
  • RESET to BCM 27
  • EN to BCM 22

You can also use this breakout with Raspberry Pi Pico (and other RP2040 boards) using our MicroPython library for PMS5003. You can install it easily using Thonny's 'Tools' > 'Manage Packages' (search for 'pms5003-micropython').

Dimensions: 17.7x17.75mm