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Bare Conductive Paint Pen (10ml)

by Bare Conductive

Draw circuits and sensors with electrically conductive paint.

The Electric Paint 10ml tube is a conductive ink which can be used to repair small PCB breaks, cold solder or draw small scale circuits. Electric Paint is nontoxic, dries at room temperature, and can be applied onto any non-conductive, non-hydrophobic surfaces, like paper, plastic, textiles or wood. The Electric Paint tube is an ideal tool for applying small quantities of conductive ink. One tube can cover up to 0.5m. Electric Paint is water soluble and can be easily removed with soap and water. For permanent applications it can be sealed using acrylic paint or spray varnish. Use it with the Touch Board, Pi Cap or Light Up Board to create touch and proximity sensors.

Fix a TV Remote with Electric Paint

Electric Paint can be used to fix key fobs or remote controls. So don’t throw yours out yet! Just follow the online tutorial to get yours working today.

Cold soldering

Electric Paint can be used as both a liquid wire and an adhesive. Use it to attach components to a range of materials. This is a great alternative to the soldering iron when you’re in a hurry.

How To Seal Electric Paint

You can protect and seal the sensors you’ve made with different sprays and varnishes. Don’t worry – it will still conduct!

Data Sheets:


    • What can Electric Paint 10ml be used for?

      The Electric Paint 10ml tube is a great prototyping tool and comes in handy for repairing electronics such as PCBs, key fobs, or even TV remotes. Electric Paint can be used as a liquid wire to draw small circuits, or as a conductive adhesive eliminating in some cases the need for soldering equipment. It can also be used to draw capacitive touch and proximity sensors onto almost any surface. Capacitive sensors created using Electric Paint can be designed graphically or discretely to transform everyday materials into touch interfaces and smart surfaces.
    • How long does Electric Paint take to dry?

      Electric Paint is water-based, non-toxic and dries at room temperature in approximately 10-15 minutes. This material dries rather than cures and gives off no fumes during the drying process.
    • What materials can Electric Paint be applied to?

      Electric Paint is a water-based paint and acts much like other poster paints. It can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including (but not limited to) paper, cardboard, vellum, wood, metal, plaster, some rubbers, plastics and many textiles. Hydrophobic materials such as some glass and plastics will exhibit poor adhesion, though this can be improved by roughing the surface with sandpaper or similar.
    • How easy is it to remove Electric Paint after application?

      Electric Paint can be removed from most surfaces either with soap and warm water.
    • Can Electric Paint be sealed to make it permanent?

      Electric Paint can be sealed with paint, varnish, or waterproofing spray. Electric Paint’s conductive properties do not degrade, so if sealed and treated properly it can maintain it’s performance for years. If you still want to connect to the paint, a section of the paint is must not be left uncoated.