NOOBS microSD card (3.3)

by Raspberry Pi

This handy little 32GB microSD card comes with an SD adaptor and NOOBS already installed. Perfect for a Raspberry Pi beginner and convenient for those with more experience

To free up SD card space, the offline NOOBS package now only contains the Raspbian archive. To install Arch, Pidora, OpenELEC, RaspBMC or RISC OS you will require a network connection.

Once you have installed an operating system, you can return to the NOOBS interface by holding down shift during boot; this allows you to switch to a different operating system, or overwrite a corrupted card with a fresh install of the current one.

Note: NOOBS now disables SSH by default, for security reasons. It can be re-enabled, should you wish, through either raspi-config in the terminal or the Raspberry Pi Configuration in the desktop menu.