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NESPi 4 case for Raspberry Pi 4

by Retroflag Tech Ltd.

Protect your Pi 4 in the most retro way possible with this iconic NES-styled case. You can even mount a SSD inside the removable 'cartridge'!

This clever case looks like an adorable miniature games system (which is obviously great) but it's also really functional. There's a full set of broken out USB, ethernet and micro HDMI ports together with an external microSD slot, so once your Pi's in there you shouldn't need to take it out again. There's also functioning reset and power buttons and associated safe shutdown scripts.

We also like the very satisfying removable cartridge designed to hold an SSD. Having a SSD hooked up is always useful for extra storage, whether you're using your Pi as a retro gaming setup, media centre or desktop machine. It's now possible to boot a Pi 4 from an SSD, so if you wanted you could potentially put your whole operating system on there as well!

How to boot from SSD: Firmware Download


  • Safe Shutdown and Safe Reset (scripts necessary)
  • Functional LED power indicator
  • Functional POWER and RESET buttons
  • NES case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 4 (Pi not included).
  • NES cartridge case for 2.5” SSD (SSD not included).
  • Easy access to the SD-Card and all other ports without opening the case


  • NESPi 4 CASE
  • Screw driver
  • Instruction manual