Ultra-dense RGB Micro LED Strip (aka NeoPixel, WS2812, SK6812) – 1m

This ultra concentrated RGB LED strip crams in 332 tiny individually addressable LEDs per metre, with a narrow silicon diffuser strip over the top for a cool neon effect.

It's sold in 0.5m and 1m strips, with a connector at both ends so you you can easily chain multiple strips together. There's also extra power/ground wires at both ends of each strip so you can inject additional power if you're running long lengths of the stuff. There are solder pads hidden beneath the sticky layer on the back of the strip if you want to chop it up and splice bits together.

Because the LEDs are small, the power consumption of this strip is less than you might expect, we measured 1080mA per metre on full white and 750mA per metre doing rainbows (both with maximum brightness).

Here's how to hook it up:

  • Red - 5V
  • Green - data
  • White - ground

The female connector is the data-in end that needs connecting to your microcontroller.


  • 332 RGB LEDs per metre, individually addressable
  • Power: 15W/M
  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Water resistance: IP20 (for indoor use only)
  • Length 0.5 or 1m
  • Width of strip: 10mm
  • Width of diffuser: 5mm


  • The solder pads on the back are positioned between every five LEDs. There are markings on the back to guide you if you're wanting to cut it up - make sure to cut through the middle of the boxes to avoid hitting the LEDs.
  • The LEDs are embedded in the silicon diffuser, so it probably wouldn't be possible to (easily) remove it.

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