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Mini Submersible Water Pump (Grow)

These small centrifugal pumps are perfect for incorporating into automatic plant watering systems like Grow. They could also come in handy for science experiments or for making tiny, smart water features!

The Picoblade-compatible connector means you can plug them easily into the bottom row of connectors on Grow HAT Mini. We also sell tubing that fits the outlet of these pumps nicely. 

If you're using them to water your plants you'll want to avoid soil getting sucked up into their workings, as this can jam the rotor. To get maximum longevity out of the motor, you should also avoid running the pump 'dry' for extended periods.


  • Voltage Scope (DC): 4.5V
  • Current: 0.18A
  • Power: 0.91W
  • Max Water Head: 0.55m
  • Waterproofing: IP68
  • Molex Picoblade-compatible 2P connector (1.25mm pitch)
  • Dimensions: approx 43mm (H) x 38.5mm (L) x 25.5mm (W)
  • Output size: 7.8mm diameter at the widest part, tapering to 6.5mm
  • Cable length: approx 40cm
  • Datasheet