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Mini Protoboard – Black

by Pimoroni

Preserve precious experimental circuits and prototypes with these handy protoboards!

Ideal for when you're ready to upgrade a small electronic project to its forever home, these colourful protoboards look just like a mini breadboard but they're actually less than 2mm thick! They've got through plated holes for easy soldering and the columns are connected in sets of 5 (also like a mini breadboard). We've made the traces on the back easy to cut if you'd like to reroute connections.

We've also included a loop to attach your tiny project onto other stuff - perfect for making light up keyrings, flashy lanyards or festive decorations!


  • 170 through plated 1.2mm holes
  • 2.54mm/0.1" hole spacing
  • Dimensions: 61.7mm x 51mm x 1.6mm (approx)