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10-bit ADC (SPI) – 8 Channel

Our go to choice for a through hole ADC. Easy to hook up to the Raspberry Pi, communicates via SPI - add up to eight 10-bit analog channels to your projects!

These ADCs feature a successive approximation register (SAR) architecture and an industry-standard SPI se rial interface. 200k samples/second, 4 or 8 input channels, low power consumption (5nA typical standby, 425µA typical active).

  • MCP3004-I/P (4 channel) or MCP3008-I/P (8 channel)
  • 10-bit resolution
  • Four or eight single-ended channels
  • SPI interface
  • 200 ksps sample rate at 5V
  • -40 to +85°C temperature range