micro:bit breadboard breakout board

by Kitronik

The breadboard breakout allows the user to plug a BBC microbit into a standard 2.54mm pitch breadboard. Two 11 way pin headers are used to make connections into the breadboard.

The micro:bit slots into the edge connector on the top side of the PCB. No extra tools are required for installation. The front of the BBC micro:bit (the side with the LEDs) should be inserted facing the same side as the 3V pin.

The edge connector has connections on only one side, so if the BBC micro:bit is inserted in reverse orientation, it will not work.

The PCB is designed to plug across the middle slot of a breadboard, the same placement as an IC component.


  • This breakout board plugs straight accross the middle slot of a standard 2.54mm pitch breadboard, just like an IC component.
  • The microbit slots into the onboard edge connector.
  • The microbits pins are broken out to 2 x 11 way header pins.
  • Use jumper wires to connect from the header pins to the breadboard.
  • No tools or soldering required for installation.
  • microbit to breadboard prototyping made easy.
  • Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2!


  • 1 x Breadboard breakout for the BBC micro:bit.


  • Length: 58.4mm.
  • Width: 12.8mm.
  • Height: 20.76.
  • Pin Pitch: 2.54mm