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LX-16A 7.4V Metal Gear Serial Servo

These clever serial bus servos can provide a maximum torque of 17kg/cm (at 7.4V) and are designed to be chained and driven in series. They can provide real-time feedback (position, temperature and voltage) to your robot or microcontroller.

It comes with a bunch of mounting brackets and hardware suitable for connecting multiple servos together.

Looking for a versatile, all-in-one controller to connect your chain of smart servos up to? Check out Pimoroni Yukon and its Serial Servo Module!

Serial servos are sold singly.


 Weight 54g
Dimensions (mm) 45 x 25 x 36
Working voltage 6-8V
Speed 0.19sec / 60° at 7.4V
Servo Accuracy 0.3°
Torque (kg/cm) 17 at 6V; 19.5 at 7.4V
Rotation 0°-240°
Minimum Working Current 1A
No-load Current 100mA
Stall Current 2.4-3A
Control Range 0-1000 corresponds to 0°-240°
Control Method UART serial command
Communication Baud Rate 115200
Servo ID 0-253, user configurable, default ID 1
Data Feedback Temperature, voltage, position
Features Stall protection, overheat protection, readback function
Indicator Blue LED
Cable length 20cm
  • 1 x bus servo
  • 2 x servo horn
  • 1 x main screw
  • 1 x deputy screw
  • 15 x M2*4 self-tapping screw
  • 20cm servo wire
  • 1x bottom bracket
  • 1x inclined U-shape bracket
  • 1x side bracket
  • 1x straight U-shaped bracket


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    Yukon is a standalone controller that can be equipped with up to six interchangeable modules capable of driving high-powered hardware - this is made possible by the unique pin capabilities of Raspberry Pi's multitalented RP2040 chip. This flexibility means you can drive many unique combinations of motors, servos, steppers, speakers, LED strips and more, all from a single Yukon host!