M5StickC Mini JoyC HAT (STM32F030)

by M5Stack

MiniJoyC HAT is a 'joystick controller expansion base' used with M5StickC/C-CPlus, which integrates XY axis joystick, 'with button' function, and comes with I2C HY2.0 standard interface to facilitate the expansion of other components

Containing 200mAh lithium polymer battery and one SK6812 RGB LED. This product can be used for remote control of drones or trolleys and remote control of robot joints, etc.


  • The maximum angle of the joystick in all directions is 23°
  • The total resistance is 10KΩ
  • Center button
  • SK6812 programmable RGB LED
  • 200mAh battery
  • HY2.0-4P interface


  • 1x MiniJoyC HAT
  • 1x lanyard
  • 1x 2.0mm hex key
  • 2x M2*8mm screws (cup head, self-tapping)


  • Drone remote control
  • Robotic joint control
  • Light conditioner
  • Remote control of the trolley

PLEASE NOTE: M5StickC/C-CPlus is NOT included


Resources Parameters
RGB SK6812-3535
support voltage 3.3V
Battery level 200mAh
Maximum angle of the joystick in all directions 23° max in all directions
Total resistance 10kΩ
Center button yes
Product Size 81.05mm × 36mm × 24mm
Package Size 101mm × 27mm × 22mm
Product Weight 20.6g
Package Weight 31.2g