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M5StickC Mini Encoder HAT (STM32F030)

by M5Stack

MiniEncoderC HAT is a rotary encoder extension base for M5StickC/C-CPlus, which integrates a rotary AB encoder, with button function, and comes with standard Lego hole to facilitate the expansion of structural parts

It contains a 200mAh polymer lithium battery and an SK6812 RGB LED. This product can be used to remotely adjust RGB lighting and remotely control robot joints.


  • 30-bit pulse coding knob (30 pulses per revolution)
  • SK6812 programmable RGB LED
  • Press the key input
  • HY2.0-4P interface
  • 4x LEGO connectors


  • 1x MiniEncoderC HAT
  • 1x lanyard


  • Adjust the lights remotely
  • Remote control of robot joints

PLEASE NOTE: M5StickC/C-CPlus is NOT included


Resources Parameters
support voltage 3.3V
RGB SK6812-3535
Battery level 200mAh
Product Size 81.05mm × 29mm × 24mm
Package Size 101mm × 27mm × 22mm
Product Weight 19.3g
Package Weight 24.5g