M5Stamp RS485 Module

by M5Stack

STAMP PWR485 is an RS485 communication expansion board, that converts the 3.3V TTL level of the MCU serial port into a differential signal compatible with the RS485 standard.

With a compact size 20 x 4.6 x 23mm, it can be integrated into various embedded devices for RS485 communication interface expansion. Suitable for RS485 sensor data acquisition, Modbus bus node communication, and other applications.


  • SP485EEN-L/TR(RS485 transceiver)
  • 2x RS485 interface expansion (parallel), can be connected to two devices at one time
  • Red LED indicator
  • The PWR485 interface supports 9-24V DC input, internal DCDC step-down to 5V to power the module and main control.
  • Baud rate.
    • Stable communication baud rate: 9600bps/115200bps
    • Maximum communication baud rate test: 128000bps
  • Multiple soldering options
    • Three types soldering options are available (SMT, DIP, Jumper wire),
    • With high-temperature resistant plastic enclosure, Peak temperature = 230℃


  • 1x STAMP PWR485
  • 1x HT3.96-4P female connector
  • 2x HY2.0-4P female connector (blue + white)
  • 1x HEX Key 1.5mm


  • RS485 communication
  • Modbus device communication


Specification Parameters
RS485 Transceiver SP485EEN-L/TR
Input Voltage PWR485 interface supports 9-24V input power / TTL side input voltage 5V
Recommended operating baud rate 9600bps/115200bps
Operating Current DC5V@3.2mA
Input Logic Level 3.3V
Net Weight 5.1g
Gross Weight 7.3g
Product Size 20 x 4.6 x 23mm
Package Size 93 x 138mm