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Luminous PLA Filament (1.75mm, 750g)

by Velleman

Our luminous PLA filament contains phosphorescent materials that make it glow after it has been exposed to a light source.

3D printing with this luminous glow filament is no different than using standard PLA filament. Ideal for projects like halloween decorations or glow in the dark stars.

PLA is made from dextrose (sugar) which is extracted from biodegradeable materials. It's the most popular bioplastic and the only plastic that is currently produced globally. In short, it's bio and it's good!

All of our filaments contain A-grade colourants ensuring that your 3D prints will not change in colour or fade over time.


  • Tougher and less brittle than regular PLA
  • Easy to print at low temperature
  • Low warping
  • Biodegradable
  • Limited smell


  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Package: reel
  • Specific gravity: 1.24g/cc
  • Printing temperature: 180-210°C
  • Impact strength: 7.5kJ/m²
  • Weight: 750g
  • Dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5cm
  • Guaranteed quality: Click here to read full test report