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LED Strip Connector Cable – 4 pin - connector to bare wire

These clippy connector cables can be used to turn the ends of your WS2812 or APA102 LED strip into useful wires, without any soldering.

The bare wire type have a connector on one end for plugging into your LED strip, and bare wires at the other for plugging into screw connectors or for soldering onto other things. The dual connectors have clippy connectors at both ends and wires in the middle, so they would be good for turning corners or manoeuvring round tight spaces.

These connectors are compatible with ourĀ RGBĀ andĀ RGBWĀ NeoPixel/WS2812/SK6812 compatible LED strips and ourĀ RGB APA102Ā strips.Ā They will only work with the 30 and 60 pixels per metre variants, the 144 pixels per metreĀ ones are too wide to fit into the connector.

They'reĀ around 15cm long, including connectors.