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LCD Display Shield

by Unexpected Maker

160x80 LCD Colour LCD Display shield for the TinyPICO & TinyS2

This shield has a gorgeous colour LCD IPS LCD display, with a massive 160x80 pixels in a 0.96” form factor. it uses the ST7735 driver, so there is a lot of library support available for it, but we recommend using the TFT_eSPI library.

Larry has also ported his GIF player for the TinyPICO + LCD Shield - Animated GIFs in your projects, how wicked!

NOTE: The shield ships with the screen soldered to the PCB, but not stuck to the front, so you can solder the header pins on first, and then stick the screen own with the double sided tape provided on the back of the screen. Please be careful not to dislodge the screen :)

IPS Display Shield Pinout