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KittenBot Future Board ESP32 AIOT Python Education Kit

by KittenBot

The Future Board is an ESP32-WROVER-B based educational hardware designed for kids to learn and experience hot topics such as IoT and AI.

The Future Board features many input and output hardware, such as a 160x128 full-color TFT screen, enabling you to create a variety of interesting works with real-time feedback and interaction. The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module allow you to easily explore IoT applications. The edge-connectors are identical to BBC Micro:bit, enabling users to easily transition to a new ecosystem without having to readapt their knowledge.

The Future Board will be your best companion in learning and having fun.


  • Supports both graphical (Kittenblock, based on Scratch3.0) and text-based programming(KittenCode for Python3 and MicroPython programming).
  • A full-color screen means that all visual feedback, such as sensor readings will be real-time and easy to read.
  • The speech recognition module is able to recognize Chinese and English.
  • On-board speaker and RGB LED provide more visual-audio feedback, bringing more flexibility to your work.
  • Runs on specially designed FutureOS GUI, allows storage expansion via SD card slot, and more importantly, realizes functions such as storing multiple programs and choosing which one to run.
  • Unique semi-clap design
    • The front side is covered by exquisite ABS plastic to stabilize the screen and make it more aesthetic.
    • The backside is exposed on purpose to let educators and individuals teach and understand knowledge about sensors and circuitry directly and to minimize the board volume.
    • The two antennas on the top give the board a more futuristic appearance.
  • Continues the style of the edge connector on the bottom of the BBC micro:bit. Considering teachers and schools already have expansion boards and experience in using them, the Future Board is compatible with these expansion boards, which substantially reduces teaching cost and improves effectiveness.
  • IoT projects can be easily done, students can easily understand and grasp the concepts of IoT. An easy-to-use MQTT server is also provided, eliminating the hassles of dealing with different MQTT platforms.
  • Future Boards can communicate with one another via wireless radio, catering to the need to operate robots and interaction between learning and teaching.
  • A hole to attach a lanyard to the board improves portability and convenience, you can hang it around your neck or put it in your pocket.
  • Support wireless program downloading (Web REPL), enables you to program on tablets and smartphones.


Type Specifications
Controller EPS32-WROVER-B
Basic Frequency 240MHz
Flash ROM 4M
Power Supply TypeC USB / 3.7V Lithium Battery (rechargeable)
Maximum Working Voltage 3.6V
Minimum Working Voltage 1A
Size 51.6 × 51.6 × 11 mm
Weight 22.6 g
On-board Resources 160*128 TFT Color Screen
Full-color ws2812 LED*3
Light sensor
Temperature sensor
Passive Electromagnetic buzzer
SD Card Slot
40P Edge-Connector I/O
2.4~2.5 GHz WIFI & Bluetooth
Speaker (speech recognition)
Programming Platform Kittenblock (based on Scratch 3.0)
KittenCode (based on Python3 & MicroPython)