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Kitronik Pin Breakout for the Raspberry Pi Pico

by Kitronik

The Kitronik Pin Breakout for the Raspberry Pi Pico has been designed to offer an easy way of connecting additional circuitry and devices to the Pico.

It also allows for moving the Pico between projects without the need to remove all of the jumper cables.

The Pico plugs into the two inner rows of sockets. The remaining two outer rows can then be used for connecting to external devices/circuits. The board has clear markings for each pin and the correct orientation for inserting the Pico is also clearly marked.

In order to use this board, the Pico should have soldered pin headers, it can then be firmly inserted into the board. Additionally, the board features 4 x M3 mounting holes to allow for fixing the board to projects/prototyping setups. Care was taken when designing the Pico Pin Breakout to maintain as small a footprint as possible.


  • It offers a convenient interface for controlling additional circuitry with the Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • The board features 2 x rows of sockets that a Pico with soldered pin headers can slot straight into.
  • The outer rows of sockets can be used to connect any of the Pico i/o pins to a project/prototype.
  • Use jumper wires, soldering is not required.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico prototyping made easy.


  • 1 x Kitronik Pin Breakout for the Raspberry Pi Pico.


  • Length: 65mm.
  • Width: 37mm.
  • Height: 11.2mm.