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Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches (pack of 12) – Clicky

The lovely Kailh switches we use in Keybow, now available seperately for incorporating into your other projects!

We tested out a lot of mechanical switches before we decided on the ones to use in our 3 key and 12 key Keybows, and these turned out to be our absolute favourites, they're very responsive with a low travel distance and high actuation rate.  They're also partially transparent which makes them look very cool when mounted over LEDs!

If you'd like to grab some keycaps to go with them, we sell those too!

Kailh Speed Gold
Linear (quiet)
Kailh Speed Silver
Rating DC 12V 10mA
Contact resistance 100mΩ Max
Insulation resistance 100MΩ Min DC 500V
Withstanding voltage AC 100V (50-60HZ) for 1 Minute
Tactile force 60±10gf 40±10gf
Actuation force 50±10gf 40±10gf
Actuation travel 1.4±0.3mm 1.1±0.3mm
Total travel 3.5+0/-0.3mm
Mechanical life 70,000,000 Cycles
Operating temperature -20℃ - +70℃
Weather resistance
Low temperature resistance -20℃±2℃ 48H
Heat resisting property 70℃±2℃ 48H
Moisture resistance 60℃ ±2℃ 90~95% RH 48H