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This clicky joystick is great for DIY arcade builds, and it has a handy 5-pin connector that means connecting it is just a case of plugging in a single cable connector.

We use this joystick in our new Picade and it's solid, responsive, and reliable. The feel is a little looser than the Zippyy joystick that we sell, more similar to a Japanese joystick. Pair it with a Raspberry Pi, Picade X HAT, and some arcade buttons and you've got all the controls you need to build your own arcade machine!

We'd recommend also picking up one of our new Picade wiring looms, which includes a 5-pin connector to 5x Dupont connector cable that can be used with this joystick.


  • 35mm black ball top
  • Black dust cover
  • 8-way square restrictor gate
  • 9mm diameter, 36mm tall shaft 
  • 5-pin connector (compatible with JST-XH cable)


  • Pinout: up, down, right, left, ground (from pin closest to centre)
  • Overall dimensions (including ball-top): 106x70x95mm
  • Mounting plate dimensions: 60x95mm
  • Corner hole centres (5mm holes): 44x82mm
  • Centre hole centres (6mm holes): 85mm