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Intelligent Rain Detection Module

by DFRobot

This smart rain sensor detects rainfall on a glass surface and returns rain information (no rain, light rain, moderate rain, or heavy rain) to a microcontroller or other host.

The sensor achieves accurate real-time rainfall detection in any rainfall environment, and its built-in optical algorithm can intelligently filter ambient factors like sunlight, dust, leaves, etc., to ensure precise rainfall data collection in complex conditions. It can detect light, moderate or heavy rain.

Modules like this are commonly used in cars to detect rainfall on the surface of windshield glass and send rainfall information (no rain, light rain, moderate rain, and heavy rain) to a microcontroller or other host. The host can then control wipers to get rid of the raindrops on the windshield to ensure a clear view in rainy conditions. This could also be useful for doors or windows in smart homes, or wipers on outdoor security or nature cameras.

The small (12mm diameter) sensor can be easily embedded in projects even with strict space limits like box cameras and speed dome cameras.

Extra functions include ambient light detection and internal device temperature detection. With the combination of rainfall, ambient light and internal temperature data, users can build smart, comprehensive, and cost-effective rainfall detection applications. The sensor also supports rainfall sensitivity adjustment for use in different rainfall and environment, and has a low power mode that reduces power consumption, greatly extending module service life.


  • Can achieve accurate real-time rainfall detection in any rainfall environment
  • Equipped with functions like ambient light detection and temperature detection
  • Supports rainfall detection sensitivity


  • Security monitoring
  • Smart home
  • Smart agriculture


Communication: UART
Serial Communication Rate: 115200 bps
Voltage: 3.3V
Operating Current: <50mA
Temperature Range: -40℃~85℃
Dimension: diameter about 12.5±0.15mm


  • Intelligent Rain Detection Module x1
  • Adapter Cable x1