Inkplate 6 e-paper display

by e-radionica

Inkplate 6 has stunning 6 inch e-paper display with refresh rate of 1.26s, with partial update 264ms, greyscale mode and partial updates support.

Powered by ESP32, you will have strong microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth on your disposal. Using the Arduino library, it's 5 minutes work to get the board running for you. It's 100% open-source for both software and hardware, so it's OSHWA certified.

Thanks to clean lines, high contrast, daylight readability, and the remarkable level of energy efficiency that comes from drawing power only when changing the contents of the screen, e-paper is uniquely suited to many applications.

With Inkplate 6, the goal is to make e-paper accessible to hobbyists and DIY product designers by offering a plug-and-play hardware platform that is super-easy to use and compatible with Arduino.

  • 6-inch, 800x600 pixel e-paper display with support for greyscale, partial updates, and accelerated refresh cycles
  • an on-board ESP32 microcontroller with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • extremely low-energy, battery- or USB-powered operation (including a 25 ĀµA sleep state) that wrings days, weeks, or months out of a single charge, as well as charger for that battery
  • microSD card reader from which Inkplate 6 can pull images to display
  • three capacitive touch pads
  • a form factor that's optimized for the design of custom enclosures
  • additional GPIO pins, easyC/Qwiic compatibility, and support for IĀ²C and SPI
  • Arduino libraries (100% compatible with Adafruit GFX) and a MicroPython module (work in progress!) that facilitate the rendering of text, images, and line art
  • Comes without enclosure
  • Dimensions: 151 x 119.60 x 12 mm