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I/O Side Panel: Add-On for Totem Mini Lab

by Totem

Use this Side Panel to conveniently have inputs and outputs available for your design.

Push button switches, with or without LEDs, rotary encoder, relay, 3.5mm jack and a nice RGB-LED.

The Input/Output Side Panel is designed to use with the Totem Mini Lab

Get up and running with the Side Panel User Guide

Functions included:

  • 3 push-push switches with LED indicators;
  • 3 Potentiometers (10kOhms);
  • 1 Rotary encoder switch;
  • 3 push button switches;
  • 1 RGB-LED (can show virtually any color);
  • 1 3.5mm Jack connector;
  • 1 Relay , 10A/250v , with LED indicator.

Attaching to the Lab Frame: 

  • The Kit includes all ready-to-use mechanical parts and tools to fix side panel on the Lab frame.
  • Fixes elegantly to the sides.
  • You can easily have several panels attached to your Lab.