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High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery Pack – 13400mAh

Need MOAR POWAH?  These high capacity lithium ion battery packs are super concentrated and are available in four different sizes - up to an impressive 13400mAh!

Thes battery packs are made from balanced 3350mAh cells connected in parallel and include protection circuitry.  We're very careful about where we source our lipo batteries from and we've tested each version to ensure the datasheet specs are accurate and the safety features work as they should. We stock several different sizes so that you you can pick the perfect one for your project!

Please note: Lithium ion batteries must be treated with respect and charged/discharged within the parameters listed in the datasheet, you should never dent, bend, puncture, crush, or otherwise damage them. You should only consider these kinds of batteries for your projects if you've done your research and understand the risks.

All our batteries come with a 100mm lead terminated with a standard 2-pole JST-PH connector. They also include protection circuitry to ensure that they are not over discharged/charged and are protected from short-circuits but you should still take care when using them.


  • 3.7V nominal voltage
  • 100mm JST-PH terminated lead
  • Come 30% pre-charged for longer life storage
  • 4.2V charging cut-off and 2.4V emergency discharge cut-off
  • Short circuit protection

You should avoid discharging these batteries beyond 3.0V - the emergency protection circuitry will kick in at 2.4V. If the battery bulges or is physically damaged it should be discarded. Do not charge unattended.