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Engineer® Heavy Duty Tetsuwan Scissors

by Engineer

Top quality heavy duty combination scissors ideal for workshop / DIY / Handyman use or any situation that requires cutting of otherwise challenging materials.

Capable of cutting many different tricky materials these scissors have a large comfort grip allowing the user to apply maximum force safely due to the integral finger guard.

The blades have both micro-serrations for cutting materials like fibre & PET with rearmost coarse serrations for cutting thicker materials such as electrical cable & rope.


  • Micro-serrations on the main blade hold your object while cutting to prevent slippage
  • U-shaped blade - Ideal for power supply cord, coaxiale cable, rope, etc.
  • TPR Cushioned handles for a comfortable grip
  • Finger pinch guard - The overlapping guard prevents your fingers from being pinched.
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Overall Length : 210mm
Cutting Capacity (reference only)
Coaxial cable (Conductor dia. 1.0mm)
Cabtire cord Ext. dia. 12mm (4 cores)
Cotton insulated cord
Rope  dia. 10mm
PP Plate Max 1.2mm thickness
Leather Max 5mm thickness
Kevlar Aramid fiber
Copper braided flat wire


  • Do not apply Copper or Steel wire to the micro-serrations to keep the life of main blades.
  • Heat-treated or specially-hardened wire is not applicable for cutting. It may damage the blades.