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Handheld 2D & 1D USB Barcode Scanner

by Sinmark

Barcodes, QR codes, DataMatrix, this scanner reads them all!

This handheld barcode scanner from Sinmark is an affordable solution for all your barcoding needs. It can scan traditional one-dimensional such as UPC, EAN and Code 39 and stacked two dimensional barcodes and postal codes, and OCR specific characters!

It is simplicity itself. Plug the RJ45 cable into the base of the unit until it clicks into place. Plug in the USB and it will show up as a USB Keyboard on almost any computer. Scan something, and the barcode will get typed out, like a keyboard! So logical and simple! Amazing!

Kit includes:

  • Hand held barcode scanner
  • RJ45 to USB adaptor cable

From capturing your Blu-Ray collection, to the contents of your fridge, running you small distribution business or just funsies, this is a cracking modern barcode reader at a great price.


  • Scan mode: Two-dimensional image (838x640 Pixels)
  • Interface type: USB 2.0
  • Light type: LED and laser
  • Scan speed: Max.610cm/s (240 inch/s)
  • Decoding capability: Code 39, UPC, EAN, Datamatrix etc.
  • Scanning angle: Horizontal: 42.4° - Vertical: 33°

It wouldn't be a Shenzhen special without a quirk or two. To release the USB to RJ45 cable push a paperclip into the small hole on the side of the unit's base.

Special configuration codes:

You can use the handy barcodes in the box to change the way your unit behaves, including adding an Enter or Tab character, or COM Port emulation and even turn on auto mode and save your button finger!

Check out this manual for a complete list of cheat barcodes!


  • The dimensions for the scanner are 17.3cm x 10cm x 6.9cm and the included cable is 2.5m in length.