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GRBL Module 13.2 Stepmotor Driver (DRV8825)

by M5Stack

Drive up to three bipolar stepper motors simultaneously with this three-axis stepper motor driver module, stackable with other M5Stack modules.

It uses an ATmega328P-AU controller with three sets of DRV8825PWPR stepper motor driver chips, so it can drive three bipolar steppers at the same time.

This module uses I2C to communicate with other M5Stack modules and integrated DIP switches to adjust motor step subdivision (maximum support of 1/32 step subdivision) and I2C address adjustment (the default address is 0x70 but you can change it to 0x71). You can achieve six-axis control by stacking two GRBL 13.2 modules together!

The power input interface is DC/9-24V, the motor drive current can reach 1.5A, and three sets of limit switch signal interfaces are open so you can connect an external limit switch to reverse the motors. Suitable for many different stepper motor uses such as 3D printers, robotics, etc.


  • ATmega328P-AU controller
  • Three-axis DRV8825PWPR stepper motor driver
  • Drive current up to 1.5A
  • Drive bipolar stepper motor
  • Maximum 1/32 mode STEP subdivision


Motor driver chip DRV8825PWPR
Controller chip ATmega328P-AU
Maximum drive current of single channel 1.5A
Support maximum step subdivision 1/32
Interface XT2.54-4P
Net weight 22.5g
Gross weight 42.3g
Product size 54.2x54.2x13.2mm
Package size 95x65x25mm