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LEGO® Compatible 360° Servo – Continuous Rotation

These chunky block servos integrate neatly with axles and blocks from popular ABS stud-based building block construction kits!

We like how you can connect two axles to the dual outputs on this servo so you can power two wheels or gears, or mount the servo securely inside articulated limbs and other contraptions. It's also easy to connect blocks to the sides by poking the studs into the holes.

The gears inside these servos will 'slip' when the blocking load is too high instead of jamming - helping avoid damage to your servos and boards.

The wires are a standard servo pinout - 

  • Red - positive
  • Brown - negative
  • Yellow - data

The cable has a fused 1x3 female DuPont socket connector on the end, so it's easy to connect to jumper jerky or 0.1" pitch pin headers.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.


Environmental Grey (non continuous) Green (continuous)
Storage Temperature Range -20 - 60°C -20 - 60°C
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 50°C -10 - 50°C
Operating Voltage Range 4.8 - 6V 3 - 5V
Electrical Grey (at 4.8v) Green (at 5v)
Operating speed (at no load) 0.14±0.01sec/60° 160±10rpm
Running current (at no load) 70±20mA 80±20mA
Stall torque (at locked) 1.8±0.2 kg-cm 0.7±0.1 kg-cm
Stall current (at locked) 0.8±0.1A 1.1±0.2A
PWM signal 500-2500μs 500-2500μs
Mechanical Grey (non continuous) Green (continuous)
Weight 20± 1g 18± 1g
Gear reduction ratio 1:300 1:140
Dimensional drawing link link

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