Galleon 400mAh Hard Case LiPo Battery

This tidy little battery is compact and lightweight, but also has a protective shell. It's ideal for powering stuff that needs a bit of extra protection, like badges or tiny robots.

We sourced these for powering wearable/portable things like Badger 2040 - for something that was likely to get bashed around all day we wanted a battery option with more protection than a standard soft LiPo . Stick one to the back with a Velcro dot and bosh - you're conference ready! It works nicely with Tufty 2040 too - just bear in mind you'll only get a few hours battery life with Tufty's LCD on full brightness, so you might want to consider buying a few so you can swap them out.

No need to limit yourself to wearables though - we've used these to make small robots and all sorts. Our engineers have put this battery through its paces to make sure the specs are accurate and that safety features kick in when necessary. All our batteries come with a short lead terminated with a 2-pole JST-PH connector, with the correct polarity to ensure compatibility with products that we sell.

Looking for a way to charge them? Check out LiPo Amigo!

LiPo/LiIon Safety

LiPo/LiIon batteries must be treated with respect and charged/discharged within the parameters listed in the datasheet, you should never dent, bend, puncture, crush, or otherwise damage them. You should only consider these kinds of batteries for your projects if you've done your research and understand the risks.

Our batteries include protection circuitry to ensure that they are not over-discharged/charged and are protected from short-circuits but you should still take care when using them.


  • 3.7V nominal voltage
  • JST-PH terminated lead
  • Short circuit protection
Size 40 x 23 x 8 mm
Net Weight 10.7g
Battery Material Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Charge and Discharge Times Minimum 1000
Battery Voltage
  • Standard Voltage: 3.7V
  • Voltage When Fully Charged: 4.2V
  • Battery Protection Cut-off Voltage: 3V