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Full Feature THETA Robot for BBC micro:bit

by 4tronix

This is a very full-featured Robot indeed. Designed in conjunction with ROBOTIXLAB in Greece, this circular robot is delivered ready-assembled, with multiple sensors and lots of expansion capability.

Also included is a quirky 3D clip together sheet plastic cover which diffuses all the LEDs and gives the robot extra character!

Theta has its own separate microprocessor to handle all the extra features that cannot be handled directly by the Microbit. It also has standard 4 tronix extension connector so addons such as 5x5 RGB matrix, OLED screen and RoboFace can be plugged in instead of the included ultrasonic

Of course, there is a Makecode extension to make it super-easy to code all the amazing fdeatures in your favourite block coding language


  • Integrated line following sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Integrated light sensors
  • Integrated pen holder mounted at the axis of rotation
  • Integrated 145 RGB FireLeds
  • Dual independent motors, fully controllable in software
  • Analog (potentiometer) input
  • Sound output with separate on-board buzzer
  • Connector to attach I2C peripherals with both 3V and 5V available
  • Connector to duplicate the A and B buttons on the Microbit
  • Connector for 4 extra I/O signals accessible via the onboard microprocessor
  • Charger port. NB This requires a specific charger and should only be used with rechargeable batteries - see instructions for details
  • Requires 4xAA batteries. Can use Alkaline or Rechargeable, but must only charge rechargeable batteries


  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Height (excluding ultrasonic, cover and microbit): 45mm
  • Weight (excluding ultrasonic, cover, batteries and microbit): 145g

Contents of Box:

  • Assembled Theta Robot
  • 2 Wheels to be push fitted onto the axles
  • USB cable for programming
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Sheet plastic cover and fixings
  • NB: micro:bit is NOT included