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Flexible RGB+W LED Strip (aka NeoPixel, WS2812, SK6812) – 144 pixels per metre

These individually-addressable RGBW LED strips are great for all sorts of uses: custom desk lighting, music or data visualisation (an LED thermometer?), or art installations. They come in three different pixel-spacings.

Addressable LEDs, like these NeoPixel-compatible ones, let you individually set each LED in the chain to a specific RGB (or RGBW—red, green, blue, white—in this case) colour. You can use a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, or other microcontroller to code them, and there are tonnes of different Python, MicroPython (or CircuitPython), Arduino, and more code libraries available.

The extra warm white LED in these strips lets you set them to a nicer pure white colour, or to mix in white with the other RGB colours for lovely pastel hues.

These LED strips come in three different spacings—30 , 60, or 144 pixels per metre—and in metre lengths, so if you order a quantity of 1 then you'll get 1 metre, a quantity of 2 is 2 metres, and so on...

Please note!  Our 30 and 60 pixel per metre LED strips come on 5m reels. If you order less than 5m you'll get a partial reel - this means you're not guaranteed to get a connector on the data in end. We sell suitable solder and no-solder connectors separately - check out the extras tab! The 144 pixels per metre strips come ready-made in 1 metre lengths, so you'll always get a connector on both ends of those strips.

The strips come with a flexible silicone waterproof sleeve, but this can be easily removed, if you like. If your metre length doesn't have a connector on one or other end, then you can use a little blob of hot glue or silicone sealant to seal the flexible sleeve.

The wires are as follows:

  • Red: 5V
  • Green: data
  • White: ground