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Fermion: 3W Mini Audio Stereo Amplifier (PAM8403)

by DFRobot

A mini audio amplifier breakout from DFRobot, with left and right channels for stereo sound.

Just under 2cm square and with 2.54mm pin pitch this amplifier is convenient for embedding into devices and ideal for hooking up to 3W speakers. 

The mini audio stereo amplifier has two modes: sleeping and working modes. When pin “SHDN” is Low (0V), the amplifier’s bias circuit will be closed, then the module goes into sleep mode, while when pin “SHDN” is High (5V), the working mode enables. The audio stereo amplifier is in working mode by default (the pin is unconnected).

This Mini Audio Stereo Amplifier can be used in robot voice systems, DIY music boxes and sound modification.


  1. Do not connect the positive and negative poles in reverse.
  2. The negative poles for the high and low channels are independent, do not connect them together.
  3. The power supply should be no more than 5.5V, voltage higher than this will damage the IC.


  • Power Input: DC 3.3-5.5V
  • Power: 3W(4Ω,5V)
  • Class D amplifier
  • Support left and right channels
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • Dimension: 18x20mm/0.71 x0.79”
  • Pin Pitch: 2.54mm