Electronic Scale Load Cell Sensor

by Velleman

The electronic scale load cell sensor package combines both an accurate load cell rated up to 20 kg, and a sensitive A/D converter board that easily interfaces with a large variety of microcontrollers (such as an Arduino® compatible board).

In order to get accurate readings, the fixed side of the load cell should be mounted to a fixed, secure part. It is recommended to also mount a sturdy measuring surface where the weights can be placed upon to the measuring side of the load cell.


  • YZC-131 load cell model
  • easy to interface with microcontrollers such as Arduino® or Arduino compatible boards


  • rated load: 20 kg
  • nonlinearity: ± 0.05% (Full-Scale)
  • hysteresis: 0.0% (Full-Scale)
  • repeatability: 0.05% (Full-Scale)
  • creep (5 min): 0.05% (Full-Scale)
  • temperature stability: 0.003% / °C (Full-Scale)
  • A/D converter: HX711
  • supply voltage: 5 V DC
  • weight: 35 g
  • dimensions load cell (W x L x H): 13 x 75 x 12 mm
  • Dimensions sensor board (W x L x H): 40 x 20 x 7 mm