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Electrolytic Capacitor Set - 1µF to 1000µF (120pcs)

by Velleman

Never get caught short for capacitance while working on a project! This handy set of 120 through-hole electrolytic capacitors covers a wide range of useful values.

The kit includes ten different capacitor values in radial through-hole format. Ideal for breadboarding or soldering projects.

These components come in strips so you don't have to deal with a heap of loose components for storage - tidy!


Value Max. Voltage Quantity
1µF 50V DC 15
2.2µF 50V DC 15
4.7µF 50V DC 15
10µF 50V DC 15
22µF 50V DC 15
47µF 25V DC 15
100µF 25V DC 15
220µF 25V DC 5
470µF 25V DC 5
1000µF 25V DC 5