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Resistor Set E3 Series - 10Ω to 1MΩ (480pcs)

by Velleman

Resistance is futile! This handy pack will ensure you have the value you need on hand for your next project!

High-quality carbon film resistors with a connecting wire that is easily soldered.

The kit includes sixteen different resistor values in axial through-hole format. Ideal for breadboarding or soldering projects.

These components come in strips so you don't have to deal with a heap of loose components for storage - tidy!

  • Carbon film resistors
  • E3 Series
  • 1/4W power rating
  • Operating temperature -55°C to +155°C
  • ±5% tolerance
  • Max. operating voltage 250V


30 each of: 10 22 47 100 220 470
1k 2.2k 4.7k 10k 22k 47k
100k 220k 470k 1M