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Ceramic Capacitor Set - 10pF to 220nF (224pcs)

by Velleman

Never get caught short for capacitance while working on a project! This handy set of 224 through-hole ceramic capacitors covers a wide range of decoupling and tuning values.

The kit includes fourteen different capacitor values in radial through-hole format. Ideal for breadboarding or soldering projects.

These components come in strips so you don't have to deal with a heap of loose components for storage - tidy!


Value Max. Voltage Quantity
10pF 50V DC 21
22pF 50V DC 21
47pF 50V DC 21
100pF 50V DC 21
220pF 50V DC 14
470pF 50V DC 14
1nF 50V DC 21
2.2nF 50V DC 14
4.7nF 50V DC 14
10nF 50V DC 14
22nF 50V DC 14
47nF 50V DC 14
100nF 50V DC 14
220nF 50V DC 7