Casagami PLUS – White

by Litogami

Casagami + is a decorative cardboard house that alternately changes colours.

Powered during the day by a 3rd generation photovoltaic film (called "organic", without rare earth or toxic materials, and easily recyclable) made by the Nantes-based group Armor, Casagami + can light up for more than 10 hours.

Like all Litogami objects, Casagami + travels flat in a cardboard envelope.

  • mounted dimensions (unit): 160 x 130 x 150 mm (approx.)
  • packaging size (unit): 320 x 235 mm
  • weight: 120 g

Casagami + is manufactured in France, between Agen and Paris, by a partner printer and two sheltered workshops. The solar film is designed and manufactured in Nantes.

Powered during the day by an ASCA* photovoltaic film, Casagami + can light up for more than 10 hours when fully charged. To build and decorate with family and friends.

*ASCA, a technological innovation, a 3rd generation solar film, which contains no rare earth or toxic products.

Composition :

  • An Asca 5V organic solar film, 120 mW (outdoor).
  • A PEFC/ imprim'vert/ 400g/m2 cardboard sheet.
  • A rechargeable LED (NI-MH1,2 V / 0.3 Wh battery).
  • 2 brads.

Who are Litogami?

Litogami is a project, an entrepreneurial adventure born in 2011, which has set itself the goal of designing socially responsible ecological objects; fun, educational, decorative objects, with simple design, at affordable prices, and which carry the values of sustainable development.

Litogami collaborates with companies, associations and institutions that share our values. We produce most of our products between Paris, Bordeaux and Agen.

    • Our products are designed in France. They are made in France, between Agen, Bordeaux and the Paris region. As a publisher committed to "Made in France", we work in collaboration with French companies that master a specific know-how or develop new technologies.
    • Promoting the integration into society of people in precarious situations or with disabilities, helping pupils and students to discover their vocation, supporting associations that promote the values of solidarity, is an integral part of our raison d'Γͺtre. Through our products, we seek to transmit these values to the public, especially to young people.
    • The objects we publish are solar powered and are delivered flat packed to reduce the carbon cost of transport. Made from recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests, they are "imprim'vert" certified.

      We work, as much as possible, with local suppliers.