Breakout for JST SH-Style Connector, 6-Pin Side-Entry

by Pololu

This is a breakout board for a 6-pin JST SH-style connector that provides access to each pin on a row of 0.1″-pitch through holes, making it compatible with standard solderless breadboards.

The through-holes work with standard 0.1″ (2.54 mm) pin headers and 0.1″ socket headers, which are available separately.

This board can be used with Pimoroni 6-pin motor driver products and JST-SH cables to give convenient access to the motor and encoder signals, allowing for use with motors other than our MMMEs. The pins are labelled on the board's bottom silkscreen with this application in mind.

Alternatively, this board can serve as a general-purpose breakout for other applications; for example, a pair of connector breakouts with a cable could be used as a removable general-purpose interconnect between different parts of a modular system.

This item is a single individually-packaged board with a side-entry connector that is fully tested.

The wire colour scheme shown in the pictures is as follows:

Colour Function
Red motor power (connects to one motor terminal)
Black motor power (connects to the other motor terminal)
Blue encoder VCC
Yellow encoder A output
White encoder B output
Green encoder GND