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Bangle.js 2 Smart Watch

by Espruino

Bangle.js 2 is an open, hackable smartwatch.

With a sunlight readable always-on screen, 4 week battery life, complete flexibility, and complete control of your data, Bangle.js 2 is a refreshing break from expensive smart watches.

You can install new apps from the web or develop your own using JavaScript. All you need is a Web Browser (Chrome, Edge or Opera) and you can upload apps or write code to run on your watch wirelessly! Bangle.js is waterproof and comes with Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS, a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, magnetometer, pressure sensor and more.

Bangle.js 2.0 specs:

  • IP67 Waterproof (max 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Nordic 64MHz nRF52840 ARM Cortex-M4 processor with Bluetooth LE
  • 256kB RAM, 1MB on-chip flash, 8MB external flash
  • 1.3 inch 176x176 always-on 3 bit colour LCD display (LPM013M126) with backlight
  • Full touchscreen (6H hardness glass)
  • GPS/Glonass receiver
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • 3 Axis Magnetometer
  • Air Pressure/Temperature sensor
  • Vibration motor
  • 200mAh battery, 4 week standby time
  • 36mm x 43mm x 12mm watch body, with standard 20mm watch straps
  • Full SWD debug port on rear of watch


Because Bangle.js is entirely open, you can upload the apps already developed, create your own, or upload apps created by the online community.

The app store (at banglejs.com/apps) is entirely free and open. We’ll never share your data with third parties or make your use of our apps dependent on third party cloud services. So far there are over 100 great apps including games, navigation and fitness aids, watch faces, spirit levels, QR code displays and more - and new apps get added weekly!

More Information:

Improvements over Bangle.js 1:

  • Smaller, lighter watch body
  • Always-on screen with full touchscreen
  • 4x more RAM, 2x more Flash
  • Better Bluetooth signal strength
  • Air pressure sensor
  • SWD debug port

Please Note: Bangle.js is an affordable Smartwatch with entirely open software, designed to be trivial to write your own apps for. While the watch is solid and well built, it can not compete with an Apple Watch costing 5x as much, and is not intended to. If you have any reservations we'd advise you to read some impartial reviews like this one first.