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ATOMS3 Dev Kit w/ 0.85-inch Screen

by M5Stack

AtomS3 is a highly integrated programmable controller based on ESP32-S3 main control

It integrates the ESP32-S3 main control, with integrated WiFi function, and 8M on-chip FLASH; 0.85 inch IPS screen; Programmable button function at the bottom of the screen; Built-in 5V to 3.3V circuit, 6-axis gyro sensor MPU6886, on-board Type-C interface, power supply and firmware download, one HY2.0-4P expansion port, 6 GPIOs and power pins reserved at the bottom to facilitate expansion applications. The product size is only 24 x 24mm, which is suitable for various embedded smart device applications.

Reminder: If you need to burn the firmware, please press and hold the reset button (about 2 seconds) until the internal green LED lights up, then you can release it, at this time the device has entered download mode and waited for burning.


  • Developed based on ESP32-S3FN8
  • Comes with USB download function
  • Built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (MPU6886)
  • Programmable keys
  • 0.85 inch LCD screen
  • Infrared emission function
  • Expandable pins and interfaces
  • Development platform: Arduino, UIFlow


  • 1x AtomS3


  • IoT node
  • Microcontroller
  • Wearables


Resources Parameters
LCD N085-1212TBWIG06-C08
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Resolution 128(H)RGB x 128(V)
support voltage 5V
Power supply mode TYPE C
output voltage 3.3V
IO interface × 6 G5/G6/G7/G8/G38G39
Screen communication protocol SPI
Product Size 24mm × 24mm × 13mm
Package Size 65mm × 44.5mm × 14mm
Product Weight 6.8g
Package Weight 10.9g