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You've got the book, but have you got the gear?

We've put together all the components you need to assemble the projects in Adventures in Raspberry Pi.

Young people will enjoy going through the book's nine fun projects while they learn basic programming and system administration skills, starting with the very basics of how to plug in the board and turn it on.

We've scoured far and wide for the perfect set of high-quality components to make up this kit. From sourcing 3V3 compatible LCDs (safe to use with your Raspberry Pi), finding nice breadboard-compatible thumb trimpots, including excellent jumper leads, and putting everything into a nice tin.

We even chuck in a lovely little GPIO header overlay that labels each pin.

Kit includes

  • 800pt breadboard
  • 16x2 3V3 LCD Display (with pre-soldered header)
  • 10K trim potentiometer
  • 4 x 12mm tactile switch
  • 4 x tactile switch cap
  • 2 x 5mm LED
  • 2 x 330R resistor
  • 5 x 10KR resistor
  • And all the jumper wires you need!

Adventures in Raspberry Pi - Parts Kit

You've got the book, but have you got the gear? Read more...

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