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Adafruit Silicone Elastomer 4x4 Button Keypad - for 3mm LEDs

These lovely rubber button grids are the perfect fit for a 3mm LED, giving you light up buttons to add to your project!

  • each  button is 10mm x10mm square and 10mm tall with 5mm of grid spacing between the buttons
  • Button pads tile up nicely edge to edge but can be cut down nicely if needed
  • around 3mm of travel when pressed to give a very satisfying feel
  • on the bottom of each button is a conductive pad ring which can close a properly designed contact underneath.
  • can hold a 3mm LED in easily, though a 5mm won't quite fit.
  • the LED's are optional, but they look great especially with diffused LED's
This grid is the perfect accompaniment to the Trellis PCB and to top it off the nice folks at Adafruit have put together an EagleCAD library which has objects for the buttons and optional LED's