5m Flexible Addressable RGB LED Wire (AKA NeoPixel, WS2812B, SK6812)

This attractive, individually-addressable RGB LED wire is perfect forĀ making your own programmable fairy lights. šŸŒˆ

  • 5 metres long with 50 individually addressable LEDs
  • WS2812B/NeoPixel-compatible
  • Snazzy silver coloured wire
  • Super-flexible and thin, ideal for tight spaces
  • TinnedĀ wires on one end forĀ attaching to screw terminals
  • Dust/water resistant*

Addressable LEDs let you individually set each LED in the chain to a specific RGB colour by sending signals from a microcontroller. If you're looking for an easy, plug and play LED controllerĀ check outĀ Plasma 2040Ā or Plasma Stick - just connect up the tinned wires to the screw terminals, apply USB power and you're ready to start making rainbows!

Alternatively, you couldĀ use a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, or other microcontroller to drive them - there areĀ loads of different code libraries available (Python, MicroPython, CircuitPython, Arduino, and more).


  • LED model:Ā WS2812B-4040
  • Wire: 3P flexible wire (7Ɨ0.16mm tinned copper/transparent PVC/OD1.1Ɨ3.7)
  • Diffuser: LEDs and solder joints set in epoxy resin
  • IP67 dust/water resistant*
  • Data-in end: 30cm tail ending in tinned wires
  • Data-out end: sealed with a blob of glue**
  • Input Voltage: 3.7-5.3 VDD
  • Maximum Output Power: 0.24W/LED (at 5V)
  • Cable length: 5m (plus a 30cm tail)
  • Emitted Color: RGB
  • LED Quantity: 10 LEDs/m (50 LEDs total)


The 5V / + / VCC wire on these LEDs is theĀ oneĀ marked with dots. The DATA / PIXELSĀ wire is the one in the middle, and the GROUND / - wire is the one on the other edge (that doesn't have dots).

Note that the colour order of these LEDs is RGB, you may need to specify this in your code.


  • * The LEDĀ wireĀ isĀ IP67 rated, which means it should stand up to modest outdoor use. Make sure your controller is kept inside or suitably protected from the elements!
  • ** There's no connector on the data-out end of this strip, but you could snip the endĀ and solder multiple sets together if you wanted.

Why not try it with Yukon?

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Yukon is a standalone controller that can be equipped with up to six interchangeable modules capable of driving high-powered hardware - this is made possible by the unique pin capabilities of Raspberry Pi's multitalented RP2040 chip. This flexibility means you can drive many unique combinations of motors, servos, steppers, speakers, LED strips and more, all from a single Yukon host!