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4-Soldering Light Chaser Beam Robot Kit

by DFRobot

Meet Mr. NEON, the light chaser beam robot that can help kids or novice electronic enthusiasts learn about soldering and simple circuits.

Mr NEON is designed to look like a three-leg monster whose eyes or tentacles glow in accordance with ambient light level. The stronger the light is, the faster it moves.

There is no programming involved and all soldering is intuitive and rookie-friendly. So it is perfect for novice electronic enthusiast. Includes stickers so you can customise Mr NEON yourself!


  • Light Chaser PCB Board
  • Battery (CR2032)
  • Battery Clip
  • On/Off Switch
  • Transistor (x2)
  • Vibration Motor (x2)
  • Photodiode (x2)
  • 20K Ohm Resistor (x4)
  • Plastic paper
  • Plastic tubing
  • Adhesive sticker
  • Base sticker
  • Face sticker


The circuit diagram on the first page of the current instruction booklet is incorrect. DFRobot would like to issue a sincere apology for this error and will ensure that it is fixed in the next publication of these instructions. The corrected diagram is below.