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4 Channel Solid State Relay Module

by Velleman

The Whadda four-channel Solid State Relay (SSR) module can be used to quickly and efficiently switch AC loads on and off without using any moving parts (e.g. like a classic electromechanical relay).

The SSR module uses a phototriac to provide a galvanic isolation between the logic level side and the AC load side. All four of the channels can be switched on by providing a HIGH logic level signal (3 - 5 V), and off by providing a LOW logic level signal (0 - 1,5 V) to its corresponding channel signal input.

Note that this module can ONLY SWITCH AC CURRENTS, up to a maximum of 2 A, with a maximum voltage of 240 V AC. Trying to use this module to switch DC loads or exceeding the specified limits can damage the module and/or your connected devices!


  • switches up to 4 independent AC loads without using any moving parts
  • provides galvanic isolation between logic level side and AC side


  • max. load voltage: 240 V AC
  • max. load current: 2 A
  • supply voltage: 5 V DC
  • SSR working current: 12,5 mA
  • SSR trigger voltage: 0 - 1,5 V DC
  • SSR trigger current: 2 mA
  • weight: 36,8 g
  • dimensions (W x L x H): 55 x 57 x 24 mm