FLASH SALE!   🛍️   Get a stonking 40% off Inventor 2040 W – an all-in-one board for making contraptions that can move, sense things, make noise, and talk to the internet!!

Summer Sweep Sale

    What's the deal?

    After over a decade of accumulating loot, and in anticipation of bringing in fresh new piratical wares we’re having a SUMMER SWEEP SALE. Because it’s too late for a spring clean.

    All the stuff that’s been hanging around in the warehouse a bit too long will be discounted more each day with some lines having as much as 75% off by the time Monday comes! But don’t hang on too long, because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

    We’ve stowed the choice items out in the Captain’s Picks so you don’t have to scroll through everything for the GOLD, but if you need lots of cables or headers, go to the Deals section and dive it!

    The Pirate Code

    As well as our usual Terms and Conditions we have a few, what you might call guidelines, for the sale:

    I think that's everything. Usually you lot are lovely and play nice, so have fun, and happy bargain hunting!