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Ubercorn Power Cable (30 cm)

Use this sturdy 30cm cable to daisy-chain power between Ubercorn panels in a larger row or grid layout.

This sturdy, AWG16, 30cm-long power cable has spades that slip under, and are held in place by, the M3 screws on the power posts on the back of the Ubercorn panels. It lets you daisy-chain power between panels in a larger row or grid layout.

You'll also need one or more of our short or long Ubercorn data cables.

Note that each Ubercorn panel draws about 1A at 5V, so you can just about get away with chaining two panels together from a single 2.5A Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply, but ideally you'll want a dedicated 5V power supply fed into one of the panels that can supply 1A to each panel in your setup.