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Mecanum Wheels (pack of 4) – Black

Make your robot or buggy go every which way with these Mecanum omniwheels!

Unlike normal wheels that can drive forwards, backwards, or in a turning circle, with these Mecanum wheels you can impart lateral movements with the 45° treads, by combining different directions for each wheel, and you can also get regular forwards, backwards, and turning movements too!

Move all four wheels forward and you'll get forwards movement, move the left wheels outwards (in opposite directions) and the right wheels inwards (again, in opposite directions) and you'll get right-ways lateral movement.

The wheels are made of hard plastic and grippy rubber on the treads. The plastic adapters push into the centres of the wheels and allow them to fit the shafts on our micro metal gearmotors.


  • Set of four Mecanum wheels (2x left, 2x right)
  • Omnidirectional movement
  • 35mm diameter wheels
  • Grippy rubber treads
  • Hard plastic body
  • 3mm D-shaft adapter (compatible with our micro metal gearmotors)