FlexyPin - Pack of 100

by Solder Party

FlexyPin allows for easy insertion and removal of modules with castellated edges without the need for soldering!

FlexyPin is a connector pin designed to be used with castellated modules with pitch down to 1.27mm.

It allows for easy insertion and removal of modules without the need for soldering.

FlexyPin works great for flashing/testing jigs and other use-cases where castellated modules are involved.

FlexyPins are gold-plated and keep their shape well.

A 3D model as well as KiCad footprints and footprint reference drawing are available on github.

What you get

A pack of 100 FlexyPins Because the qty is measured by weight and not by count, the qty in the pack might slightly differ from a 100, in most of the cases it will be more than 100, but in a rare case it might be slightly fewer. Expected range is -5/+10

We also offer a selection of FlexyPin adapter boards for common modules

Links to code and documentation